If you don't know Eryck Dzotsi, then your problems are not big enough...

The personification of work hard play hard. A Modern Day Renaissance Man

He had traveled to more than 20 countries, he speaks 4 languages, and he has written 5 books. The man can sew, cook, and garden. From the dusty streets of Baguida to the halls of Fortune 100 companies in NYC, Eryck's journey has been a canvas of blessings and overcoming adversities without losing one's soul. From a miracle birth to coming to a foreign country of which he barely spoke the language, Eryck has embraced challenges and life itself with a joie de vivre almost surreal. Those who come into contact with him leave impacted by his smile and kindness. Those who compete against him grow from the experience and look forward to the next bout. A brilliant strategist and a cunning marketer, he has impacted many lives who do not even know of his existence.
Marketing Renaissance Man

The Most Interesting Man in the World

He once traveled to Canton to eat Cantonese rice. He has bartended at the Hotel California in the Baja peninsula. He once worked in a closet in his client's HQ for 5 months. He created a publishing house just to get his own books published. He traveled to Asia to go work on a rice farm. He once inspired Les Brown. He once traveled to the depths of the Dominican Republic to roll his own cigar. He once traveled to Zanzibar to find the best spices to cook his meals. He once traveled to Puerto Rico just to have lunch. He once worked for three straight days and three nights without sleep to prove someone's marketing strategy right. He once raised worms just to see what they would grow to be. He has officiated weddings. He has lived in his car for seven months with no income.
Eryck Dzotsi

VP Performance Media at Merkle Inc, a Dentsu CompanyPossibly the Best Marketer Alive

Currently serving as Head of SEO at Merkle, Eryck is a seasoned Digital Marketing expert specializing in Integrated Media Strategy and Delivery (Media, SEO, SEM, Addressable...). With over 16 years global experience in Digital Media, he has been responsible for managing several of Merkle's key client accounts and initiatives such as Viacom's launch of BET+, the website merger of Officemax.com and Officedepot.com. He project managed the brand migration of Comcast to Xfnity. He has been responsible for developing and implementing growth strategies for major brands including: Universal Parks, Sallie Mae, Gerber Life, Kimpton Hotels, Ashley Furniture, Comcast (B2B and Residential), MassMutual, Sanofi, Kohler, etc.… Eryck brings a unique blend of industry knowledge, analytics acumen, and technical search expertise.

Key Facts:
- Acts as the senior leader for strategic Fortune 500 clients
- Built agency search and social teams, and started in-house agencies
- Successful at leading marketing efforts at the global, enterprise and local levels
- Successfully led/managed multi-million dollars cross-functional project teams
- Developed and presented Enterprise Digital Marketing best practices at leading industry conferences
- 16 years of significant SEO,SEM, and Social Media experience: (B2B, B2C)
- Demonstrated track record of client relationship development and management
- Excellent analytical and critical thinking skills, with proven problem solving capabilities
Eryck Dzotsi

Coach, Mentor, and Advisor to Start-ups and other LeadersA King Maker

From Presidents and Heads of State to Silicon Valley CEOs, Eryck offers guidance and wisdom to many key players who are trying to get to the next steps in their games whether it is getting elected, reelected or securing some capitals, or getting a start-up off the ground. His reputation of being a go-to crisis manager was established very early on when West Africa was going through an unprecedented economic crisis. The currency was devalued and a lot of uncertainty marred all vital economical activities. At age 12 while attending boarding school, he created a fiscal strategy which helped the owner and the board of directors of the school to save it without taking on more debt, or doubling the tuition like other academic institutions were doing. Not only the school was successful that year, but its performance and resilient reputation resulted in students registration quadrupling the following year. A former head of State in Africa once joked "If you don't know Eryck Dzotsi, then your problems are not big enough..."

Fashion Mogul and Lifestyle AficionadoClass and Elegance with a Unique Flair

Eryck has been around sewing machines since a very young age. He enjoys the intricacies of the fashion industry, and upon the request of friends while sailing the Caribbean seas off the coast of Barbados, he started a fashion brand that couples the delicacy of western couture with the transcendence and effervescence of tropical print, materials and colors. His fashion shows in South Florida are the talk of the town, and his clothes are worn by fashionistas around the globe.

Born into royalty, raised into serving othersA Heir to the Ewe Throne in Danyi

A prince from the great tribe of the mighty Ewe people, Eryck personifies the servant leadership lifestyle. The majesty of his presence commands attention. Gifted with an acute emotional intelligence, he demonstrates leadership throughout his life, but his influence is felt around him as encouraging and supportive. His desire and drive to help and serve others define his social persona. A religious scholar, he studies and debates others on the impact of the spiritual dimension. His wisdom is sought after from others. An ordained minister of the Universal Church, he also officiates weddings.

Celebrity Chef and a Best-Selling AuthorA Culinary Alchemist with an Adventurous Flair

Sitting around the table and breaking bread with people is when Eryck is at one of his happiest. He often host meals in his residence for no special occasions. His recipes are things of legend and his ability to mix his African origin which his Western explorations results in meals which delight the masses. His cookbook "20 Meals to Win a Lover's Heart" is chef d'oeuvre in gastronomy. Sharing a table with Chef Eryck is a highly sought after experience in South Florida. He travels the world in search of spices and recipes which will augment his craft.

Nothing but a sinner

Eryck Dzotsi considers himself nothing but a sinner who has been saved by grace and given a life opportunity of which he will give an account when it is all said and done. Recognizing how surreal and truly blessed his life is, he makes the best out of every moment he is been given on this earth. On his birthday every year, he gives thanks and writes his Eulogy. He believes that writing down how he should be remembered at the end helps him live every day with the end in mind. His Eulogy opening lines are inspired by Steve Fry's Let it Be Said of Us and reads:

"Let it be said of me that I was marked by forgiveness, I was known by my love and I delighted in meekness. I was ruled by God's peace and He was my passion. With gladness I bore every cross I was given. I fought the good fight and I finished my course."

A true scholar of LifeBooks Written by Eryck Dzotsi
for you and your loved ones

His thirst of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding is only matched by his desire to share with others what he has learned over the years. His publishing apparatus is leveraged for his publications as well as that of others. He has books published under his name and other names as well.
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